Rumpstumps 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays!! We all have that person on our shopping list that is impossible to shop for. Those friends and family members that have everything, say they don’t need anything, or (the absolute worst) they are sure you will find something great. I am here to either to help find something for you or at… Continue reading Rumpstumps 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Make your T-shirts carry your books

We all have a stack of T-shirts that don’t get worn somewhere in our homes. There are all kinds of reasons behind this stack, maybe you aren’t the T-shirt wearing type but you earned all of them running, maybe they don’t fit and for whatever sentimental reason you just can’t bring yourself to get rid… Continue reading Make your T-shirts carry your books


How to effortlessly step up your 1980’s footstool game

I promise after this you will never again cringe while passing that sad little 1980’s foot stool at the end of someone’s driveway, thrift stores, or garage sales. You will see the potential! I found this sad little stool at my favorite gem of a thrift store,¬†Agape Hometown Thrift Store, for $10. That is a… Continue reading How to effortlessly step up your 1980’s footstool game