Cabinet Door Makeover



This is the entry wall from the garage. We have owned this home for almost three years and this wall has remained such a hot mess I feel like it should be required to say it in four languages. To much stuff, improper (or none at all) anchors on the cheap wire coat rack that was left by the previous owners, so many issues on this wall. This prompted me to keep a look out for a solution hovering in the back of my mind.

Due to some wonderful Birthday presents I received I needed to reorganize and clean  up bits of my workshop and there was a formerly unused corner cabinet that needed to be cleaned up and made useful. The door on said cabinet never closed so it was removed and set aside. Never waste anything!!


Staring at it the other night I realized here was the answer to my hot mess (lío caliente,heiße verwirrung) Entryway.

First thing I had to do was rebuild that damaged corner and fill the hole left by the hardware. Elmer’s Wood Filler is fantastic for this. I always make sure I over fill the area so that I have plenty to sand down to the perfect level. I didn’t worry about washing it yet, because I knew it would need a full wash down before and after sanding.


Once the wood filler was dry I sanded and shaped the corner and the filled hole in the center. Then I did a quick wipe down and busted out the power sander, after a full wash down and dry time we were ready for paint! Always make sure you get all of the sawdust off before painting, it will save you so much frustration later on.


I knew I wanted to make that awesome center area a chalkboard/message center. The outside edge I wanted a kind of teal color which is not a color I had on hand. What I did have was a sample bottle of Glidden’s Spring Cactus latex paint and some dark blue acrylic paint. I honestly did not know what would come of mixing the two, but the sample bottle only cost me $.25 so it couldn’t hurt to try.


It isn’t quite teal but it is a pretty fantastic seafoam green, and I learned I can adjust the coloring of latex paint with acrylic paint! Which is actually great news because I picked up a couple dollars worth of those $.25 samples.

I painted two coats of my new custom color on the outside edges and then taped off and painted the center with chalkboard paint. The curves were a bit tricky to get a good seal on so there was some minor touch-ups needed once the tape came off.

I priced hardware for the coat hooks and couldn’t really find anything I either liked or wanted to spend the money on so I decided to make this a full on zero cost refurb. A couple years ago I scored a gallon ziplock bag full of real silverware for just a buck or two and I have had it hidden away in my stash of things ever since. It was finally time to put some of it to work! I dug through and found four salad forks that were just the right size and started bending.


I finally got the original hinges to come off after some skillfull hammer usage (I.E. I wacked the hell out of them) I was originally going to keep them on and use them to mount the coat rack on the wall. Unfortunately I figured out why the cabinet door wouldn’t stay shut when it was on the cabinet.  The bottom hinge was so rusty and damaged it was completely immobile. I did find a spare mounting hook to use, it isn’t a perfect solution but it will do for now.

Before I could hang the coat rack I needed to do some minor repairs to the wall. The poorly anchored screws from those original wire racks did quite a number on the drywall. I didn’t have any spackle on hand (I know I was surprised as well) so I did have to spend a little on this project.

For $2.97 at Walmart I found Homax Nail Hole Patch it claims you don’t need any tools. You just use the foam applicator and it does the work. I figured for just under $3 I am willing to try it. Well I have to say it is pretty amazing. It does all the things Homax claims. I pretty much just dabbed it on bingo style and then sanded when dry. no scraping, no mess, and very simple. It has an air tight screw on lid to prevent drying out and very little went a long way. I highly recommend it.

The final steps were attaching the forks, pretreating the chalkboard finish, and getting it hung up!


The significant other thinks it would also make a great pot rack. What do you think? What part of your home is a hot mess (un vrai foutoir, hete bende) dyeing to be upgraded?



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