September Treasures

Welcome October!!

Regardless of where you stand on the Pumpkin Spice debate you have to admit the lure of cooler temps, bonfires, hoodies, and all that comes with Halloween is exciting!

At the beginning of every month I will post my treasures from the previous month. All of my thrifted, gifted, and dug out of dumpster treasures. Along with where I found them and how much I paid for them.


First up is the slab of tree C & C Creations gave me for free. I put this up for a vote on my Facebook page and making it into a coffee table was the clear winner. That project is still currently in the works all because amount of sanding it takes to smooth out a rough cut board like this is not for the faint of heart!


I found this lovely 1980’s footstool at Agape Hometown Thrift Store for $10. This project has already been made over and you can see the finished product on the blog or in my Etsy store.


I found this wonderful table at the Wentzville Flea Market. It was originally priced at $5 and I talked the seller down to $2 due to the damage. The top obviously needs to be replaced and there is a bit of dry rot on a couple of the feet. I have a feeling cleaning that up will be an interesting tutorial.


This cute little spindle table was gifted to me by my wonderful neighbor Linda for free. She said it has been sitting unused in her guest room for years. As you can see I already started stripping the paint to turn this into something wonderful! Stay tuned for that tutorial coming soon!


This industrial cart is probably my favorite item from all of September. Isn’t it just gorgeous? I will not be doing anything to this the paint is practically perfect and where it isn’t just adds to the charm. I found this at C & C Creations for $5, but since something I had consigned there had just sold it basically cost me nothing. I think this is going to look great in the boys playroom.


The last and final item for September is one that I need your help with. I found this wired lamp fixture at C & C Creations for $8.50 and again something I consigned had sold so I think I technically made $1 to take this beauty home. This is going to hung over my kitchen sink and I love the coloring of the glass. What I need your help with is deciding whether I should paint the metal or leave it as is.

Here is a close up of the detailing.

I can’t decide if I should paint it white, chrome, or leave it and just polish it up. I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

That is it for my September treasures! I wish you luck and good fortune on your treasure hunts in October and if you find something brag worthy post it to the Facebook page so we can all be jealous.


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