Playing with Splinters

Hello!! Welcome to the first edition of Playing with Splinters a monthly guest post of tips, tricks, and assistance written by my Dad, Pops. A huge portion of what I know how to do can be credited to him and my Mom for raising me around tools and DIYing, and I know if ever I am stuck somewhere Pops is always willing to answer my questions. Now we are going to share his lifetime of knowledge and experience with you! Enjoy!!


Splinters. Splinters!

Splinters could be a form of bidding in Bridge, it could be a group that split off from a bigger group, or As Wikipedia says splinters can only be called splinters when they pierce the flesh of a mammal.  Really? Those of use that play with wood, new, old, saved, recovered, restored…know that’s not true. Just like gravity, those little buggers are lurking everywhere, just to bite us…OK, I’m a little off center,but I love working wood.
I use to be a cabinet maker, finish carpenter, now retired, but I do remember a few things even a couple tricks you may find to be new ideas.
That’s what we are going to do here. I am going to start at the beginning and be very basic at first.  I know, you already know that but just maybe,maybe not so much.
If you already figured out the monthly tip, then good for you. Next month may be a surprise. You will never know unless you take the trip and enjoy the ride.
I will try to have the gem, or flop, ready by the 15th of the month. I really hate deadlines, so this one is self enforced.

I hope you expand your skills, and knowledge plodding through the splinters each month.



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