October Treasures

Welcome to November!!

October has been a wild and crazy month here in the Rumpstumps household so I don’t have a lot of Treasures to share. I try to keep my treasure collecting and finished projects on the same level for storage reasons. It never actually works that way, but I try.

First up is this gorgeous all wood desk that my neighbors had set out to the curb one afternoon.


I have no idea why they were getting rid of it, but I am very glad they did! This bad boy is SOLID wood and very heavy. I absolutely love the picture frame look on the bottom drawers. I want to fill that in with an awesome picture so bad, but alas it is not to be. Justin has claimed this for his Man Cave since I stole his other desk for the ongoing $100 Playroom Makeover.

He plans to sand it down, clean it up and restain it with Jacoby. Which I think is a great stain choice especially for all the remarkable detailing this desk has. In the end I agreed he could have this one so long as he keeps that amazing Snoopy drawer lining that is featured in all four drawers.

My next treasures for the month of October were rescued by a friend from a burn pile.


Can you believe somebody was going to burn these beauties?!?

Last Sunday my friend Mandy messaged me on Facebook and said she had four chairs intended for the bonfire, but I could have them instead if I wanted. Sight unseen my answer was a very resounding YES! I figured they were probably busted up and in rough shape so I had her bring them over and put them by my scrap pile, because nobody would burn perfectly good old chairs, right? RIGHT?!?

When I got home and saw all four of these beautiful old chairs I couldn’t believe my eyes or my luck! They are darn near perfect! There are three of the white chairs with the beautiful ornate backs (and probably fifteen layers of paint) and only the one brown one. They are solid, sturdy, and don’t even wobble a little bit. Aside from some dirt and old paint there is absolutely nothing wrong with these beautiful rumpstumps.


What do ya think, a soft teal, or muted yellow?  If this was to be your Occasional Chair what color would you go with?

That is all I have for the month of October, like I said it was a crazy busy month. What treasures did you find in October? Remember to post them to the Rumpstumps Facebook page and you might find your treasure featured next month!

Happy Huntin, Stumpers!


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