Playing With Splinters #2

This month, number 2, we will talk about the beginnings.
I assume by this time you have already decided where and with what type of wood working you are going to be, or, already have been doing.
That is really the first set. What will I do? Finish carpentry, cabinetmaking, birdhouses, restore furniture, make furniture, design and restore stuff, make my own stuff out of rescued wood.  These and many more variants of the wood working world exist.
If you have not settled on one or more, then do so. Trying to do a bunch of different things is possible, but becoming proficient at a bunch of things at once is rarely accomplished. Pick one, get very good, then launch into another.
The category chosen, and the beginning is gathering material, buying, finding, etc.
Prep work is also necessary. All things must be sanded. Don’t panic, if you are making things out of old barn wood, old fences, or even old skids (pallets) sanding can be accomplished without destroying the integrity of the material, and ruining your dreamed of finish product.
Next month I will talk in more detail about sanding, how why and with what.
But for now, you have old wood, you want it to stay looking that way. But you do not want relatives (gifts) or customers to get the dreaded splinters. How do we get around that.
Couple of ways. Old barn wood, for example, take a small piece of the same wood and use it as the sanding block and gently sand the piece to be used. A mild buffing with the grain will remove all the little splinters (both visible and invisible) so the finished piece looks the same but is cleaner. Another method, one which I used, was air. Using a compressor and a directional nozzle, you gently sand the piece with air.
Enough reading for this month, see you next month, and keep the band aids handy

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